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Opening chairman Erik Zeelenberg

Qualification and Industrial Application of Small Bore Phased Array UT
Fraser Hardie, Doosan Babcock

PAUT-TWM: Reliability study of Phased Array UT on low alloy, thin walled steel welds with wall thickness between 3.2 – 8.0 mm
Victor Vertregt, Shell

PAUT-TWM: Defining rejection criteria for PA based on Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Assessments
Stan Kusters, Sintra Engineers

PAUT-TWM: Road map to acceptance criteria
Eric van Broekhoven, TIAT

PAUT-TWM: From project plan to draft ISO standard,
Leo Ton, ExxonMobil

Advantages of applying Phased Array in lieu of Radiography for the inspection of small bore austenitic piping
Fred Gabriëls, TÜV Rheinland Sonovation BV

Array probe signal processing in case of structural noise
Paul Nicolas, EDF

Ultrasonic Testing in lieu of Radiography:
The Business Case, Martin vd Heuvel, MISI

Qualification of phased array ultrasonic (PAUT) welding control of tubular low thickness assemblies
Nizar Ghars, Institut de Soudure

Comparison of FMC/TFM and Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing of welds in thin walled materials
Casper Wassink, EddyFi & Karolina Galon, Mistras

Review and advances of inspection strategies for thin walled girth welds
Niels Portzgen, Applus RTD

TIG-Welding and it’s challenges on small wall thickness, small bore piping
Frank Smit, NIL (Netherlands Welding Institute)

Development of acceptance criteria for PAUT on thin wall pipeline welds
Otto Jan Huising, Gasunie

Ultrasonic Phased Array Testing in lieu of Radiography Testing for Thin-Walled Heat Exchanger Welds: An Inthe-Field User Case
Stephan Couture, Olympus

Linear and Matrix Phased Array inspection of complex thin wall components
Mate Gaal, Daniel Brackrock; BAM Berlin

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